Bug with Type It


Hi @elixirgraphics,

I am using Type It in a new project. When the Phrase is typed, it adds the Pause between as a number behind the text:

So it stops typing and all other phrases are not shown.




Hey there @Fuellemann! I am going to need more details or at least a project file to look at. Just a small isolated screenshot isn’t going to help me diagnose the problem unfortunately.

If you can email me a ZIP file containing your project file and any additional non-Foundry 3rd-party stacks you’re using on the page that will help me to diagnose the problem you’re seeing.


I tried once more with a new project and it works there without any problem. Sorry for the confusion.


Awesome. What did you discover was the problem?


I could not detect the problem. I just duplicated the page (it was a single page with a banner, thats all) and added Type It again and it worked…