Bug Language in Foundry

There is a bug in the “language” configuration in foundry.
Whatever you put, the site code always shows lang = “eng”

Please post a URL to the site you’re working with so i can take a look.

I manually corrected my sites affected by the bug (with sublimetext).
But on any site configured otherwise than “eng”, it still displays the site in English. (in the code / preview of RW but also in the rendering in html code on the published pages)

The language preference is changed during the page load. This means the document on the server will read as an English (“eng”) tag, but the javascript changes the tag to your desired language during the page load process. Set your language in the Foundry Control Center stack to what you want it to be and re-publish your site again, then post your URL here and I’ll show you what I mean.

The sites are all set up in the correct language (in RW and in Foundry preferences). A few weeks ago, I posted the sites and they did not have this problem.
Unfortunately, I can not republish a site now to reveal the bug.

I’d be glad to look at it when you have time to republish it so we can take a look at it together.

As an example I just opened up RW and created a new project, and set the language to German – in the inspector you’ll notice the language tag is now set to German after the page load take place. Be sure when looking at the inspector that you’re looking in the Elements tab by the way.

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The doctype does not change in this case, but I do not know if this might be important for SEO (at least when I check my sites, some checking services tell me the language is set to EN here, even if the html language is displaying the DE)

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">


Foundry handles the change the way other RapidWeaver based frameworks have. Previous to the language type being added into the RW app itself, this is how it was handled.

As I said the change is handled via JavaScript after page load. This is something that’s been covered here in the forum in the past.

@Fuellemann if you have a url for me I’ll take a look.

Hi, it is https://einfach-gute-seiten.de. But I just wanted to know the difference between doctype and html lang setting and if this has any SEO impact.

The DOCTYPE has nothing to do with the language meta tag. Here’s info about DOCTYPE: https://www.w3schools.com/tags/tag_doctype.asp

As for your page – it is showing the language tag is set to German (“de”) after page load:

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