Bloom Feature Request


Hi Adam,

could you add the Vertically Center Contents option to Bloom, please? I love using your colums with this feature. But I have colums and Bloom on the same site, it looks a bit odd.

Thank you



That is not something that I’m looking to add to Bloom at this time. It isn’t designed to be a column style stack, but something a bit different.


Ah, that is sad. I would love for your stacks to have the same basic abilities so they can be used in a website without any eyes stumbling upon these slight differences…


Big fan of Bloom!

Would love to see optional carrousel effect on Bloom before clicking an image and getting lightbox gallery view. In a word a slider option in that one image. Or some sort of ‘preview’. Would be handy to be able to show a bit more next to a paragraph. There is no such slider or gallery stacks would offer this. Now options are gallery or slider, and of course Bloom with a single image with an opening slider.

Thumbnail option, like we have in Foundry’s Slider, would be cool also in lightbox mode.


Bloom isn’t really structured for what you’re wanting to do it sounds like. It would be a totally different stack as the Bloom stack just isn’t setup for that sort of thing.