Bloom cutting text advice needed


Can anyone tell me do I have too much text or do I make a mistake with something?

Starting point, all well:

When resized, just before responsive mode kicks in this is what happens:

Setup for Bloom:


This is because the text area is limited to being the same height as the image that it is next to. When you made the viewable area smaller, the image responsively got smaller as well, which means the available space next to the image got smaller as well.


Ok, thanks! So, I either need to use an image with a bigger diameter or reduce text content, change layout but there’s no other options?


That is generally the idea. The content section is always the same height as the image. How you handle it is up to you. My suggestion would be editing the content, though there’s plenty of ways I am sure you will think of to work with your content. Just a quick example of an idea: You could put small amount of information in the content area of the Bloom stack with a modal button at the bottom of the content to “show more” content.