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I have just built my first Rapidweaver site to showcase an iOS app that I built.

It’s pretty much a 1-page site (though there is a second page for a Contact Form). I do plan to add some more pages soon though (including a Poster Stack blog). Pretty much everything on the site used Foundry and Potion stacks (AdaptiveGrid is the only one that I can think of off-hand that wasn’t).

Keen to hear any comments / thoughts / advice.


First impression, looking great :+1:. I will have a more in-depth look at it later.


Looking very nice @mallow76. It is really nicely done. Look forward to seeing how you incorporate Poster into your site!


Looks very nice though you might want to have a look at the banner text as it’s not scaling for the iPhone 6. When I load the site in safari and have a look at the site within responsive design mode I’m seeing the same thing on the iPhone 7.

Other than that, real nice!


Thanks for that. Have fixed it now. At the last minute I had tried to squeeze a bit more info into my H1 header!


Excellent Potion site. One thing I would do is to change your Lato 300 front to Lato 400 because it doesn’t render well in that light 300 weight at that size.


thanks for the feedback @webdeersign. I do like the look of the 300 weight but it maybe isn’t the most readable. Will have a play about with it.


300 Lato at that size looks fine on a good monitor or screen but on not such good screens it draws the text at less than 1px width and the animation-aliasing can then make the text faint more faint and fuzzy.


I aleeady built my site with foundry and poster stack (see
It took me a lot of time, because of the many options that poster stack provides. Especially for the “filter option” I searched for a smart solution and finally used a lightbox stack.


I love the site: especially the use of BIG text, and bold text. Works well for what you are doing. I was also happy to see that I understood 1 word of German (“blog”). :slight_smile:

And, in your case, the choice to use 2 columns for blog text works very nicely with the images.


Thank you, Mathew:slightly_smiling_face:!
A few years ago, I read in a book of typography that it is easier for the reader to catch the beginning of the following text line if the lines are not longer than 14cm (5.5 inches).
I think this is a problem that a lot of web programmers do not care about these elementary things.
Maybe they never heard anything about typography…


As a simple rookie user I must say that I fully agree with Mathew’s comments. An elegant website, easy to navigate, text very pleasing to the eye.



Thank you, Pedro! I love to play with big letters, white spaces and nice photos. I always try to reduce decorative elements to a minimum.


since I can not find anything to criticize, let me add to the existing comments: the logo is great, too! :innocent:


Thank you or “danke”, Mike😉


or was it my logo? in which case thanks papart!


actually, both are nice. but intentional I was referring to yours, mallow76


Hello all. Thanks again for all your comments. They have been very helpful.

Just updating the post to say that I have now added a Poster Blog page. Again, keen to hear any feedback as this is still very much a work in progress.