Alloy's order of posts

Is it possible to have my posts in oldest to newest order?

Rather than new at the top going down to older dates

Hi there @Domino – No, that is not an option. Alloy works like a traditional blog. Newest content first. Might I ask what the use case scenario is for having a blog with oldest blog posts first?

Hi Adam.
First let me say that I bought Alloy yesterday and alredy find it fantastic. Also the discount is very very generous. Its amazing bang for ones buck.

Yes I should imagine there is no demand for a reverse order blog.
The scenario is that I am creating a blog to tie in with a novel I am writing. The blog is to be written as if it is one of the characters in the novel writing it.
It needs to be as realistic as possible, so I guess reverse would not bbe ideal… I just wanted to test it.
Because ofcourse the story will be running backwards! Maybe thats good though. I just thought I’d ask.

Thanks for getting back so quickly … and thanks for everything… I own and use everything ever created by Elixer Grapics !

Thanks for all the kind words. Glad you’re enjoying Alloy already!

That is definitely a very unique use case, without a doubt!

If you know the number of entries you’ll have already for this very specific use case, you could plan it all out ahead of time and date the posts in reverse order, and just hide the dateline on the posts. Maybe that would work.

That said, I probably won’t add such a feature to Alloy as it really doesn’t have much of a use in a normal, non-novel blog. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m really LOVING Alloy. I am a slow learner which drives me nuts, but Alloy is easy!

Thanks for the above advice … its ok Im just working on it being backwards.
Quick question… Can I make a post have more than one category?
For example a post would show up under more than just one category. For example a post about a sports car would come up when the catagory RED was clicked and also EXPENSIVE.

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Glad you’re enjoying Alloy so much!

Categories are only one per post. That said tags are on the roadmap. Tags would be multiple entries per post.

You’d then have a category of “car” with tags of “expensive,” “red” and “electric.” If that makes sense. This is a ways off though.

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