Alloy: Top Images Category view



if I display the posts in a category view, how can I enable the top images?
See and then choose a category.
No Images are displayed.

Thank you,


Topper Images are not a part of the categories view.


Can you think of putting this on the list for a possible update? It is not urgent in any way but I think when I have more categories then my viewers will not scroll through all posts but directly select a category - and I would like to show them the pictures.

Apart from that: will it be possible to have separate RSS feeds, one for each category, besides the one for the main blog page?

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I’ll think about the topper images but personally I think it is best for it to be a bit austere, IMHO as it is meant to be utilitarian.

As for the separate RSS feeds — no that isn’t an option and isn’t a feature I’ll be implementing. Sorry.


Thanks for thinking :slight_smile: no problem for the different RSS feeds - I am really happy with Alloy :slight_smile: