Alloy posts with Foundry 2 Dark Mode

I’ve changed my site to support dark mode using the great support for this in Foundry 2. It works brilliantly, except for my Alloy blog posts - which appear with a white background and black text. Is there something that I’m doing wrong, or will this need to wait for Alloy 2?

Good Morning,
Alloy has not been updated to support the dark mode of Foundry 2. The colors are set in the Alloy app for the blog entries.


Hey there @curlypaws! Welcome to the community!

As @Steve_J mentioned, Alloy does not have native Dark Mode support as of yet. Alloy does have its own settings for Background and Text colors though for both the Summary View and the Full Entry View.

You could provide an alternate Foundry Control Center stack for just your blog page which would have Dark Mode disabled.

I am working on updates for Potion Pack, Thunder Pack and Alloy currently. These updates will include Dark Mode support, among many other things. This will be quite a lot of work though.


Thanks @Steve_J! I appreciate the answer and will look forward to Alloy 2!

@elixirgraphics - thanks Adam. I’ll look at your suggested alternatives for now.

@elixirgraphics How is it going with the update?

Dark Mode is likely not going to come to Alloy. At least not at this time. Doing so would have more than doubled the number on controls in each stack, many of which already have a plethora of settings. This increases complexity for users in an already complex set of stacks. Additionally I’ve noticed that there has not been a wide audience for Dark Mode settings. At least I’m not personally seeing a great deal of users making use of them. For these reasons, and more, I did not include them in v3.