Alloy 'image_upload' folder


I updated Alloy to get access to the new simpler topper and blog image upload procedure - all working well.

In my FTP software I can see the new ‘image_upload’ folder containing my first topper image in it. Do I need to pull the other images in my blogs from the old ‘image’ folder to the new ‘image_upload’ folder or can I leave them where they are?

If I decide to use the new ‘topper plus’ stack at some point in the future does it look only in the new ‘image_upload’ folder for the image?


You don’t have to change anything. The blog still uses the URLs you setup for your Topper Images previously. Each bog post has unique URLs. This is so that you can use either the Editor or Manual Curation for your blog (or even a mix of both). If you move your images the blog posts will not know what you’ve done. If you want to have all of your Topper Images in the new folder then you could go through your posts and upload the Topper Images with the Editor.

No. It is just the same as above. It looks at the individual, unique URLs in each blog post.


Thank you - a clear explanation as always.

Apologies for the rather ‘dumb’ question, but this is what happens when you’re new to this world.


Not a dumb question at all.