Alloy extended images


Quick question - I’ve looked at docs/videos but not clear - is it possible in full post view for extended images (topper and/or individual images in a post) to go full width?


No, the advanced Extended Image feature will not extend the images to a full-page width.


Might it be possible?


Not sure what you mean. As I mentioned above it is not something that the Extended Image feature does.


Hi Adam, I simply meant would it be possible to add it as as feature, but will take as a no.


It would require more some specific JavaScript most likely. I would probably be possible but I’d have to weigh its benefits and how much it would be used against creating that solution.

I don’t think there’s be a high usage rate but I could be wrong. I can add it to my “things to look at list.” But right now I’m focused on a new release I have in the pipeline and then on some road mapping of a Foundry update.


Ok, thanks, Adam.(btw this 20 characters thing is annoying)


Sorry. It is there to promote posts that have substance.

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