Accordion update


Hello there, I recently updated the Accordion stack for Foundry and now the headers won’t display clearly. It looks like the content is overlapping the header. Also some content won’t align properly within each section.

I’ve attached a screenshot to show my problem. I would upload a couple more, but I’m a new user.

I really hope someone can help with this! Many thanks in advance


Hey there @PadraigHamilton! Welcome to the forum!

After updating to the latest version of Foundry did you restart RW after the update completed? If not, do that and then re-open your project file. Let me know if that solves the problem for you.


Hello there, thanks for this reply.
Sorry, I forgot to mention I was working on something else shortly after updating and RW crashed. I lost changes I made and that’s when accordion started doing this. I’m fairly new to RW, etc so is it a case of being sent the update again and I try it again?


I don’t suspect that is the problem @PadraigHamilton, but if that is something you’d like to try you can install your original download you go when you purchased Foundry. It will then re-prompt you to update. Again, I don’t suspect that to be the problem.

Have you checked to make sure you’ve got the proper Foundry theme selected in your theme drawer for me? Also, check to make sure you’ve not applied a font styling to the accordion title using these controls:

If you have, reset them to their defaults (as seen in the above screenshot). You will want to style the text using Foundry’s inbuilt styling.


Thanks so much for this. Theme was fine. Okay, I’ve reset to default font styling and the problem has gone. All I was using was ‘light’ option with 4px spacing between the letters. I would prefer this as it fits in with the rest of the site more. But I’m happy sticking to default as it works now!


You can choose a light font for your headers in the Control Center – the Accordion title bar uses an H4 tag.


Okay, will look into that. Thank you for yr help!


Not a problem @PadraigHamilton.